Harriet Murray Garner with her great-granddaughter, Helen Johnston. Helen looks to be maybe 8 or 9 years old here, and she was born in February, 1891, so this photo, scanned from a print, appears to be from about 1899 or 1900. More than one photo of Helen shows her with her face in a book. She must have been pretty smart. By 1925, she had her M.D. degree and was working as a physician in Des Moines. She died in Riverside, California, in June, 1969, and was buried back home in Columbus City, Iowa. I can’t find any record of her ever marrying. This is one of several prints for which there is no negative. #dryplate #dryplatephotography #dryplateportraits #foundphotos #foundphoto #film #iowa #filmphotography #garnerfamilyarchive