Backyard. First post of something shot with my Frozen Photon Kraken, a camera where you buy the plans and print them on your own 3D printer. I’ve been working on this for a few weeks. I still have to calibrate the focus mechanism, but I think I have infinity focus down, so that’s a relatively minor thing to take care of. You can see the camera as I built it by swiping. It shoots on 120 film at 6cm by 12cm, so you get six shots on a roll of 120. The lens is a Schneider Krueznach Angulon 90mm f/6.8 lens made for 4x5 large format cameras. This one was made around 1937. #kraken #krakencamera #frozenphotoncameraco #3dprintedcamera #homemadecamera #film #filmphotography #berggerpancro400 #rodinal